• The 1st Diner Convocation

    Off the keyboard of RE In a bit over a week from now, after a couple of years jawboning collapse on the Doomstead Diner, the Knights of the Round Table on the Diner are finally going to meet up IRL down in Texas. "In Real Life" is the meaning of that acronym for people who don't frequent Cyberspace that much, in contrast to the In Virtual Life you pursue as an Internet Junkie, where often people have Identities and Personalities not precisely like their IRL ones. Whether you pursue an Anon Read more [...]
  • 2014 Goals — Implementing Sustainable Technologies

    A couple of weeks ago JMG posted an article talking about seven sustainable technologies that he sees needing to be preserved as we slide down the energy hill. I'm sure most of you read it, but I'll link it. [url=http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2014/01/seven-sustainable-technologies.html]http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2014/01/seven-sustainable-technologies.html[/url] Of these, the first three concern me most, although I'm in agreement that the others are important. They are: 1. Read more [...]
  • JOBS

    Off the keyboard of RE Follow us on Twitter @doomstead666 Friend us on Facebook Published on the Doomstead Diner on January 19, 2014 Discuss this article at the Economics Table inside the Diner The Big Newz last week on the Economic Front was the Jobs Report from the Bureau of Lies & Statistics, which now has the FSoA UE Rate down to a remarkable 6.7%! We are doing FANTASTIC! This is down from Double Digit UE Rates around 11% following the Financial Crack-Up of 2008. Happy Daze are HERE Read more [...]
  • Photovoltaics for Nomadic Applications

    When I set out to build the Bug-Out PV Kit, I did so for several reasons. There were a number of questions I had in my own mind... What is a reasonably sized portable PV Set-up? Is it even practical to design a mobile PV kit? How much would such a kit cost at current prices? How many and exactly what kind of batteries would be required for such a system? How much power could such a set-up yield, and what could you do with it? How often would you need to resort to a grid-based battery Read more [...]
  • Transparent Material

    I was thinking about the idea of a large Cutout in the Domes to allow in Light and then use them as Grow Houses of either the Hydroponic or Conventional kind. Although you can do both with artificial light from diodes and electricity, one of our postulates is that both of these things will be hard to come by in the future. So, you need some sort of Transparent Material that allows light through, but keeps out or in heat and cold, not to mention possible Radioactive Rainfall. The oldest of Read more [...]
  • Please Come to Austin For the Springtime

    Several of my fellow SUN affiliates are now making plans to pay me a visit on or around the third week in April. At least four of us have committed to taking a dome building course put on by the folks at Monolithic Domes in Italy Texas, about 2 1/2 hours to the north of the 'stead. Ever since we started talking about SUN, we have wanted to have a real world meeting. And although we are well known to each other through our writing and kibbitzing on the Doomstead Diner, we find ourselves in Read more [...]
  • The Ice Cream Man

      The genesis for this article comes from two sources. First, there has been an ongoing Prepper thread inside the Doomstead Diner on the subject of various Refrigeration methods. Second was a Jackson Browne video I used a few weeks ago in my article on Invisible Refugees of Climate Change. In the lyrics you find the stanza Caught between the longing for love And the struggle for the legal tender Where the sirens sing and the church bells ring And the junk man pounds his fender Where Read more [...]
  • Welcome New Heliopaths!

    We "went PUBLIC" today over on the Doomstead Diner, but we have been dropping hints about SUN for a while on a few of our favorite websites.  However, through to today, the only people visiting SUN have been the folks who are already involved and busy building the site and adding material. Anyhow, quite surprisingly to me, in just the first day here we already have about 50 new registrations of people interested in the ideas we are talking about here, and Implementing as well. For you newbies Read more [...]
  • The Creative Energy of Mother Nature

    Throughout my life, my creative energy has been a force I've had to learn to hold back. I constantly feel the need to create. I was once asked, "What is the one thing you have to do on a regular basis to avoid losing your mind?" My answer? "Create something." That is the truth. I have an overpowering need to create. My husband and I are in a sort of ballistic space in which we are free to do just that: create. Our youngest son, Harper, has finally battled through colic. My husband has decided Read more [...]
  • Another world is . . . essential

    Another world is . . . essential   The question posed by the Occupy movement during its ten minutes of mainstream media play was, “You're working for capitalism. Is capitalism working for you?" Occupy responded: "Another world is possible." It is increasingly clear that another world is not only possible, but necessary.  The cadence of daily drumbeat of bad environmental news increases: icecaps melting, glaciers receding, oceans acidifying, starfish melting, deep-sea fish washing Read more [...]
  • Sea Level Rise Will Especially Hurt Poor

    Sea Level Rise Will Especially Hurt Poor By Jared Council - April 19, 2013 Standing in front of a large graph that displayed what looked like Richter scale results trending upward, Old Dominion University professor Tal Ezer began explaining. The graph showed the highest and lowest flood levels at Sewell's Point in Norfolk in each year since the late 1920s, and small red circles marked the years in which floodwater was more than seven feet deep. "Because of the sea level rise," he said Read more [...]
  • Fall Equinox Festival

    From William Hunter Duncan Minnesota SUN State Representative Actually, I live in Wisconsin now. I sold my house in Minneapolis some time ago, and moved here to the valleys of the Driftless to help start this community farm.   We arrived here when the land was open, free, clear, abused but not overly so, as so much of it is considered marginal by corn growers. There is a spring, higher up, that joins the creek lower down, and people and cattle and cows and pigs and chickens mixed between, Read more [...]