• Earth Moving

    I've got a lot of opinions about the world.  Opinions about what is real and what is propaganda in service of the Matrix.  Opinions about spiritual matters and meaning, about the best way to raise children, how a hole is best dug and what a good beer should taste like.  Opinions are like assholes in this world full of them.  So, due to my particularly cranky, old jaded man like attitude towards the state of affairs in the world, I've decided to just start being the change as an MO.  So expect Read more [...]
  • Boiling Springs, SC Swale Dig

    This is a swale/berm I dug out in two days. This swale/berm is on contour which means that the swale should fill up with water completely without water breaking free and traveling down the slope above ground. All of the water that is captured in the swale will percolate into the soil and should form a lens below ground. Also the berm will wick water up from the swale making it available to any vegetation growing on the berm. I'll probably do a blue berry guild, but I may also plant a tree or two Read more [...]