• Making Seedballs – a no-till technique

    The folks at Windward have been doing great work at living sustainably for many years now.  Part of that is not growing too fast.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means that they are not getting the word out on what they are doing as much as the could.  Their website is a treasure trove of information useful for Sustaining Universal Needs, so I thought I should feature some here. Making Seedballs an old method of no-till agriculture Andrew: What's a Seed ball? Seeds balls are Read more [...]
  • Earth Moving

    I've got a lot of opinions about the world.  Opinions about what is real and what is propaganda in service of the Matrix.  Opinions about spiritual matters and meaning, about the best way to raise children, how a hole is best dug and what a good beer should taste like.  Opinions are like assholes in this world full of them.  So, due to my particularly cranky, old jaded man like attitude towards the state of affairs in the world, I've decided to just start being the change as an MO.  So expect Read more [...]