• Making Seedballs – a no-till technique

    The folks at Windward have been doing great work at living sustainably for many years now.  Part of that is not growing too fast.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means that they are not getting the word out on what they are doing as much as the could.  Their website is a treasure trove of information useful for Sustaining Universal Needs, so I thought I should feature some here. Making Seedballs an old method of no-till agriculture Andrew: What's a Seed ball? Seeds balls are Read more [...]
  • Seed Sorting Day

                                                                 (First published @ Off the Grid in Minneapolis)  Salvaged last fall. I've never had good seed starting conditions in this house. My starts are always small, leggy, compared to what is available. This year, I'm going to build a greenhouse outside these three windows. I'll access it by crawling through the window next to the bookshelf. I will have a door outside Read more [...]
  • Pit Composting

    Compost is about like anything else as an isolated subject.  It can be as simple as a stinky anaerobic mess in a pile, or as complicated and expensive as a mechanical device with aeration holes that spins on a timer.  Personally I've tended towards the former during my career as an aspiring green thumbist.  When I first started gardening in 2007, composting was the first piece of the gardening puzzle I gazed upon with Aspergian hyperfocus.  I read books written about composting and nothing else.  Read more [...]
  • Earth Moving

    I've got a lot of opinions about the world.  Opinions about what is real and what is propaganda in service of the Matrix.  Opinions about spiritual matters and meaning, about the best way to raise children, how a hole is best dug and what a good beer should taste like.  Opinions are like assholes in this world full of them.  So, due to my particularly cranky, old jaded man like attitude towards the state of affairs in the world, I've decided to just start being the change as an MO.  So expect Read more [...]
  • Winter Garage Greenhouse

    Winter Garage Greenhouse Published December 1, 2013 | By William Hunter Duncan | Edit                                                                                                                                                                              Off the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan  Published Originally @ Read more [...]
  • Boiling Springs, SC Swale Dig

    This is a swale/berm I dug out in two days. This swale/berm is on contour which means that the swale should fill up with water completely without water breaking free and traveling down the slope above ground. All of the water that is captured in the swale will percolate into the soil and should form a lens below ground. Also the berm will wick water up from the swale making it available to any vegetation growing on the berm. I'll probably do a blue berry guild, but I may also plant a tree or two Read more [...]
  • Permaculture Principles Set to Music

    When you start talking about ethics and principles in Permaculture, some peoples eyes glaze over and they're ready to fall asleep.  Maybe they'd rather be listening to a catchy tune on their iPod. Formidable Vegetable Sound System has come up with an interesting solution.  They have taken David Holmgren's 12 Permaculture Principles and set them to music.  (David Holmgren co-founded Permaculture with Bill Mollison.)  They not only come as digital downloads, a CD, or even a vinyl record, but Read more [...]
  • $20 Barley Fodder System

    Most people, who have heard of hydroponics, think of fancy high-tech systems costing thousands of dollars and requiring lots of energy and automation to run.  While that certainly may be the norm, any system that does not rely on soil but does rely on periodic flooding technically is a hydroponic system. In this video, Jack Spirko demonstrates a very rudimentary hydroponic system consisting of a number of stacked 5-gallon buckets with holes drilled in the bottom of all but one.  He uses it to Read more [...]
  • Urban Homestead: 6000 Pounds of Food From 1/10 Acre

    Jules Dervaes, his son, and two daughters live and work on their "Path to Freedom" Urban Homestead in Pasadena, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.  Also living on their 4000 square foot homestead are 2 goats, 4 ducks, 8 chickens,  400 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers, and countless bees.  The family works at home, raising animals, growing vegetables, keeping bees, composting, cooking and canning. Virtually all of what they eat they grow themselves, only buying staples Read more [...]