• Homemade bread and a dying infrastructure

    The more aware I become of our food system and how preservatively poisonous it is, the more I desire to cook at home where I can control the ingredients. Bread was chosen among the first of the foods I learned to produce homemade. When I began making bread, I chose a recipe for a homemade bread that consisted of four simple ingredients: Water. Flour. Salt. Yeast. You'd think that mixing together four ingredients into a bowl would provide the same results, consistently. Nope. I had the worst luck. Read more [...]
  • Fall Equinox Festival

    From William Hunter Duncan Minnesota SUN State Representative Actually, I live in Wisconsin now. I sold my house in Minneapolis some time ago, and moved here to the valleys of the Driftless to help start this community farm.   We arrived here when the land was open, free, clear, abused but not overly so, as so much of it is considered marginal by corn growers. There is a spring, higher up, that joins the creek lower down, and people and cattle and cows and pigs and chickens mixed between, Read more [...]
  • Filmmaker Josh Fox to be at screening of Gasland II

    Filmmaker Josh Fox to be at screening of Gasland II Ahead of its DVD release, Marcellus Outreach Butler is presenting, with permission, a screening of the HBO Documentary Film Gasland Part II.  This sequel focuses mainly on the political ramifications of fracking, how the natural gas industry lobbyists are undermining our democratic processes. This screening will take place Saturday, November 9, 2013, at 2:00 P.M. in the theater of the Robert M. Smith Student Center on the Slippery Rock Read more [...]