• Monarch Butterfly

    One day when I was about eight years old, my father, standing in the front door, said to me, "Son, come take a look at this." I stepped out onto the sidewalk, looked up, and saw that our basswood tree (which was really five genetically identical, mature basswoods, from one original,) had turned orange. It took me a moment to understand what I was looking at. There were 30,000 monarch butterfly, resting on that tree, fluttering their wings; as a chorus. As marvellous as that was, I think I thought, Read more [...]
  • Filmmaker Josh Fox to be at screening of Gasland II

    Filmmaker Josh Fox to be at screening of Gasland II Ahead of its DVD release, Marcellus Outreach Butler is presenting, with permission, a screening of the HBO Documentary Film Gasland Part II.  This sequel focuses mainly on the political ramifications of fracking, how the natural gas industry lobbyists are undermining our democratic processes. This screening will take place Saturday, November 9, 2013, at 2:00 P.M. in the theater of the Robert M. Smith Student Center on the Slippery Rock Read more [...]