$20 Barley Fodder System

Most people, who have heard of hydroponics, think of fancy high-tech systems costing thousands of dollars and requiring lots of energy and automation to run.  While that certainly may be the norm, any system that does not rely on soil but does rely on periodic flooding technically is a hydroponic system.

In this video, Jack Spirko demonstrates a very rudimentary hydroponic system consisting of a number of stacked 5-gallon buckets with holes drilled in the bottom of all but one.  He uses it to sprout grains to feed to his poultry.  This is useful because grains contain a number of factors that lessen their nutritional value, but these are reduced by fermentation or germination.  In addition, a number of vitamins, most notably vitamin C, are generated in the sprouting process — not that poultry needs vitamin C, but it is useful for humans on a survival diet.

His article detailing the system is at http://brinkoffreedom.net/homesteading/dead-simple-fodder-system/

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  1. stewie /

    We have been using this system for 3 weeks with a 50/50 mix of wheat and barley and it has been working well.We let it go for 4 days our bantam australorps seem to like it better than 5 days.Our swedish blue ducks devour it at the 4 or 5 day mark.
    We made 1 small change ,we drilled 1/16 holes not 1/8th holes in bottom of the buckets water drains slower, better for using the drained water to water container plants for us.

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