Permaculture Principles Set to Music

When you start talking about ethics and principles in Permaculture, some peoples eyes glaze over and they’re ready to fall asleep.  Maybe they’d rather be listening to a catchy tune on their iPod.

Formidable Vegetable Sound System has come up with an interesting solution.  They have taken David Holmgren’s 12 Permaculture Principles and set them to music.  (David Holmgren co-founded Permaculture with Bill Mollison.)  They not only come as digital downloads, a CD, or even a vinyl record, but they also have the lyrics and chords available so you can learn to perform them yourself, if you are musically inclined.

The tunes are very upbeat and they keep the concepts very simple, so I imagine even children would be entertained by this music.  The one principle they have filmed a music video for, Obtain A Yield, certainly has a child-like quality:

For more information or to order the music, go to

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  1. David Ferraro /

    This is just hilarious. And amazing.

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