Membership on the SUN website, we will be offering a lot of Free Content contributed by our members, so there is no absolute requirement you Register or become a SUN Member or Investor.

Registering here on the site is free and will get you access to more information on building Sustainable Systems as well as access to Educational Software as we get it up online.  It also offers you the opportunity to become a SUN Member through your own contributions to helping the SUN Project grow.

There are no official Contribution standards in terms of Work or Money for Membership, since each person has different means at their disposal.  We do encourage members with good means to assist on the financial level, since there are costs involved in running any organization, including non-profit ones.

As an organization, we do have a goal of creating a Demonstration Sustainable Community somewhere in the USA, and Investment level contribution is one way to become a part of that project.  We will be providing more information about Investment Opportunities in SUN down the road a bit as we complete the initial phase of building the Information Network and Affiliate Membership.  Look for more information coming on this in the near future.

Meanwhile, feel free to cruise around as we get up more of our content, and if you find it interesting Register here to get to know the rest of the people involved in SUN Community Development.  We look forward to talking with you and building relationship, which is the most important aspect of any successful community.


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  1. steve pivac /

    I have primary ownership interests in two rural properties totalling 170acres in Taranaki in NZ and am very interested in more people being involved particularly in the 25acre coastal property which has a lot of food/energy potential for more than just myself and could become a ‘beacon’ type association. I’d welcome enquiries, visitors.
    See,152+Patiki+Rd,+Pihama+4682&gl=nz&ei=zQ-6UpSFIqyIiQea9IDwCg&ved=0CCwQ8gEwAA More information on request.Network of similiar properties possible.

    See also another family property associated,170.465308&cbp=13,144.0,0,0,0&cbll=-45.913731,170.465028&q=263+Hillhead+road+Dunedin+google+map&ei=BhO6UuTuK62XiAer5oG4Cg&ved=0CCsQxB0wAA

    We are interested in investors and associates and have an overarching strategy for these properties in line with the SUN mission.

  2. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    Welcome to SUN Steve!

    We do not have a Kiwi Affiliate yet (though some friends down there), so you are welcome to join as first NZ affiliate.

    Uncle Bob who is in Tasmania probably has a decent amount in common with you.

    Nice to have you here!


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