SUNroundSustaining Universal Needs, Inc. is a 501c3 Nonprofit corporation developing Systems for Living in a low per capita energy world.  Our goal is to assist people and the society in general in transitioning off the Fossil Fuel based economy that currently is winding down around us.

Although not acknowledged in our current Political environment or in the Mainstream Media, the world as a whole is currently faced with serious resource depletion and population overshoot problems, which manifest themselves in the economic problems all countries in the world now face, along with the severe Political problems evident in the Middle East.

Individuals have little control over this great global reset that is underway, but individuals do have choices they can make with respect to their own lives and that of their surrounding communities. Here at SUN, we hope to provide the information and expertise necessary for you and your community to negotiate the difficult times ahead.

SUN evolved from discussions among numerous people who have been following the problems associated with Resource Depletion for the last few years.  Amongst the principles involved in this project are Teachers, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Builders and Laborers of all sorts.  Each of us has our own individual ideas about preparing for the future world, not all are exactly the same either.  In common though we see the need for greater Community development, more localized Economic systems, and a more equitable and fair Political system to govern ourselves.

I urge anyone concerned about the future to read through our website, read our Prospectus and join with us in the effort to build a Better Tomorrow.


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  1. Eddie /

    Where’s the “donate” button? And what does one do to register?

  2. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    No Donate Button yet, still in Set Up phase.

    Donations will be Tax Deductible here, but still getting it all set up.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day.


  3. Aaron McCarty /

    sweet, people already want to donate. Thanks Eddie, that bodes well.

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