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The most well known and well disseminated ideas circulating around Sustainable Food Production come from the well established field of Permaculture, which in its most general definition encompasses the E.A.R.T.H. Initiative on SUN.  Several of our Affiliates are PDC* Professionals in the field of Permaculture, or are in the process of Certification after pursuing these methods on their own for many years.

However, if you visit many if not most websites labelled as Permaculture, you will find they focus heavily on the traditional forms of land based Horticulture and not very much on alternative means of Food Production like Hydroponics and Aquaculture.  In order to provide a rubric for a more comprehensive approach, we are developing the E.A.R.T.H. initiative.

Why are these additional methods important?  The answer primarily lies in Climate Change, ongoing and making even the best designed outdoor land-based food production methods a dicey propostion.  Distributing out your food production methods to more unconventional techniques provides an additional layer of Food Security that outdoor gardening by itself cannot provide.

High Yield Indoor Production also can assist in giving land depleted through Industrial Agriculture style farming a change to heal itself and regenerate.  Left to it’s own devices without harvesting, the land in a given neighborhood tends to build rather than deplete the soil.  The less you need to take out of the land for Sustaining Universal Needs, the better that land will do and be capable of producing as you need it.

http://www.canalazul24.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Gulf-of-Mexico-Dead-Zone-300x200.jpgBesides the problem of Soil Depletion is Water Availability, required for all forms of Food Production but more intensively required for Open System Outdoor Growing than Closed System Indoor Production.  Reason for that is Drainage and Evaporation, which in the absence of continuing water input dry out the soil.  Closed system methods conserve the water and recycle it through the system during the growth process.  Similarly, fertilizer requirements are far less because they also do not drain away from the roots of the plants into the environment at large, which itself can cause many problems such as Algae Blooms and “Dead Zones” at the exit point of large rivers like the Mississippi.  Reducing the amount of total fertilizer released in the production of Food into the general environment is an important aspect of Restoring Terrestrial Health to the system at large, whether those fertilizers are Fossil Fuel or Organically based.  The E.A.R.T.H. Initiative seeks to reduce those releases to the minimum necessary for Sustaining Universal Needs.

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  1. Eddie /

    Good stuff, but I’m not a fan of so many acronyms. Just me.

  2. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    I got on an Acronym Roll. 🙂 Maybe keep all of them, maybe not. We’ll see how that goes.


  3. Wendy McCarty /

    ima try to post a SUN exclusive here on a new permaculture project I’ve been working on now…hope I can figure this WP shit out

  4. Wendy McCarty /

    BTW…this is Wendy’s Husband…as in the last comment

  5. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    OK, said EXCLUSIVE really should be a POST under the EARTH category rather than going on the Intro Page here. I moved it below the introduction temporarily, and added it as a Blog Post so you can see what I mean.

    Now, if you hit the EARTH category button, this post (and all others so categorized) will turn up in chronological order.

    I also added a direct Link to this post at the top of the Page here. This is extra work but makes navigating to posts made on the topic specifically easier.


  6. William Hunter Duncan /

    I like the acronyms. I propose one for FIRE: Facing Industrial Reverse Engineering, which is sort of like DIRT, but then we have Earth, Air, Fire and Water covered.


  7. Fred Gunter /

    I like these fresh ideas on SUN, but also the music videos. I can be like an invasive weed at times, but remember, a weed can be food for thought.

  8. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    Not too many music videos here yet. Zillions over on the Diner though.


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