Living In Gentle Harmony Together

http://www.blissfullyeverafter.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Living-in-harmony-with-nature-720x481.pngHere at SUN we concern ourselves with more than just the Nuts & Bolts physical aspect of developing a Sustainable Energy & Food Production systems, because of course Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone.  Principles of Community Development & Self-Governance are at least as important in making any system which has Human Beings involved a Sustainable one.

The L.I.G.H.T. Initiative centers around developing the principles for Living Peacefully & Sustainably, both as a small individual Community as well as living in harmony with your Neighbors, which at least for a while everyone has in copious quantity in a world with 7B Human Souls living upon it.

War & Conquest have been a constant meme for Homo Sapiens since the Dawn of Agriculture.  Continuously expanding Agricultural populations pushed out of existence all but the most remote peoples living by other, more Sustainable means.  Because overall their Ag practices were not sustainable ones and because their overall populations increased so rapidly relative to everyone else, these “Civilizations” required ever more Land to grow into.  In fact the Monetary Sytem developed over time was predicated on such constant growth, and in the absence of it, these Monetary Systems collapse, bringing still more Misery to the general population living under them.

Eliminating this paradigm is essential for the continuation of our Species, we simply cannot AFFORD War anymore, and we are fresh OUT of new places to exploit under the old Ag/Industrial meme that we see collapsing around us today.  What ARE better Principles for Living as a Community and how can we achieve them?  The L.I.G.H.T Initiative on SUN is an exploration into Means & Methods for Homo Sapiens to live in Harmony with each other, and with the Nature that surrounds them.

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  1. William Hunter Duncan /

    Some perhaps would need a building and land to inspire them?


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