Renewing All In Nature

http://www.popularresistance.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/2fukushima.jpgThe Natural World which surrounds us has been under ATTACK by Homo Sapiens even prior to the advent of Agriculture and Industrialization, but exponentially more so with each new “Advance” in the technology we use to “Improve” our lives.

The consequences or BLOWBACK from these “improvements” are overall HORRIFIC.  One only needs to view the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant to see this problem in high relief.  Bad as it is though, Fukushima is just a small part of the problem of Homo Sapiens not living in Concert with Nature, but rather trying to Control and Dominate it.

Every system ever created by Man does not come as a “Free Lunch”.  There is no Free Lunch, and the greater the Power you access, the greater the Consequences are and the greater the Waste and Pollution of the environment those Power sources create.

Burning Fossul Fuels does not come without Consequence, CO2 content in the atmosphere is now past 400 ppm and rising still.  The likelihood is now that CO2 content of the atmosphere will rise past the level seen during the Peistocene-Eocene Thermal Maxima for the Earth System, and under such conditions it will be difficult if not impossible for Homo Sapiens to survive at all on the Planet, ANYWHERE.

Nuclear Energy does not produce Carbon emissions, but it does produce long-lived Radioactive Waste poisonous to all living things. No good means of disposing of this waste has ever been brought online, and even marginally better means than we currently use like storing them in Geologically Stable Salt Mines has not been undertaken because of cost and NIMBY problems.  So all the Waste generated from these plants over the last 50 years since the first were built generally sits in Spent Fuel ponds on-site, which themselves consume copious energy to keep cool.

Exiting this problem on the Global Level is perhaps the greatest challenge faced here by Homo Sapiens as we move forward into an uncertain future.  We are rapidly running out of TIME to effectively deal with the problem, again as Fukushima Daichi demonstrates so clearly.

There is probably no way now to completely eradicate the problem we created of Toxic Waste from Nuclear Energy power plants.  However, it may still be possible to mitigate the problem and keep it consolidated away from areas that are still productive with the REAL energy we all need, FOOD for our bodies.

Here on SUN, the R.A.I.N. Initiative is to actively attempt the gargantuan project now of Renewing All In Nature by systematically and progressively decommissioning all Nuclear Power Plants and reducing as rapidly as possible the vast number of Coal, NG and Oil fired Electrical Power Plants spitting gigatons of CO2 into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Will this resolve the problems we face in the future?  Probably not, already many Positive Feedback Loops are in place which will exacerbate the problems for the forseeable future.  We can however still strive not to make these problems WORSE than they already are.

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