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  1. Eddie /

    I can’t seem to log in like I did yesterday, nor can I find the registration tab. Not sure how i managed to get behind the veil yesterday, but i did. How do i add content. i was going to write something on the Texas affiliate page.


  2. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    The Login button is at the lower right under Meta heading.

    I checked your login info it works fine for me.


  3. Bob /

    I am new to this and would like to correspond with you by email. Can you instruct me as to how to do this? Thank you.

    1. William Duncan /

      Bob, Welcome!

      Excellent question. I do not know if we have email communications set up. Will confer w/lead admin, and see about what can be done. Will respond.


    2. sun4living /

      Our main contact email address is:

  4. Ralph Emerson / Post Author

    Hopefully we will have a Contact Form up here on this page in the near future. Meanwhile, as indicated above is the main email drop box.


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