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Just a short HELLO WORLD from me today  from the Last Great Frontier.

Eventually I will detail some of the goings on here in Alaska as people become more aware of the collapsing economics of industrialization, but for right now, I am too BIZZY trying to organize up SUN here.  Somehow I got elected/drafted/volunteered to do this, not sure how or why really.  Somewhere back around the time Bear Stearns collapsed I woke up and saw what was coming down the pipe, and I have been writing on it ever since, in quite a few places overall but for the last couple of years on the Doomstead Diner.  If you really wanna know what I THINK about what is going on these days, go visit that site. Some of it may eventually make it over here, but this site focus is different, so probably not much overall. you do go visit, you’ll find out I see some pretty negative consequences facing us as the industrial paradigm winds its way down, but I am not an “Uber Doomer”.  AKA a person devoid of HOPE that we can negotiate a transition to a better world in the future.

So here on the pages of SUN, together with my friends my great hope is to work in concert and find the way out of the trap we find ourselves in now, which is quite daunting overall.  Giving UP is not an option though for me, not until the Fat Lady Sings.

Until that day arrives, we still can seek solutions, seek to create a Better Tomorrow.  Here on SUN, that is what we are focusing our efforts on DOING.  Hope you will join with us in doing so.


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