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Wisconson SUN State Representative


What makes SUN different?


What makes SUN different than permaculture IMO is that it tries to directly address the issue of bridging the economic barriers to actually making permaculture systems happen through strategically engineering lower overhead lifestyles so that normal cash strapped people can actually afford to do this.  So far permaculture is happening amongst the privelaged, most aspiring people haven’t even got a yard to work with and are trapped under high rents and low wages in the neofuedal system.

That is the central issue here, how do you systematically drive down peoples overhead living costs and provide a modest income so that they free themselves enough to start developing the longer term integrated agriculture systems permaculture seeks to create.   That is the bridge that must be created to make things take off.

SUN is attempting to create that bridge through innovative hybrid business models which utilize accepted current biz models (campgrounds, rv arks) to legally allow the necessary stacking/resource sharing to achieve breakthrough reduction in living costs.  Without this i think you’ll just tend to see permaculture exist the form of isolated Homesteads purchased and maintained by smart but affluent baby boomers.

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