http://www.localriding.com/image-files/texas-map-2.jpgFrom Eddie G. Tennison, DDS.

Texas SUN State Representative

Back in the beginning, the promise of the internet was to allow the building of virtual networks to connect people with people, across broad reaches of real-world distance, to engage in mutually beneficial activities, communication and sharing.

Although those early dreams of connectivity seem to have devolved into something less than what many of us had hoped, it has allowed certain like-minded folks to find each other.

The SUN Project is an initiative that has arisen out of a world-wide discussion between people who read and write about subjects related to issues of permaculture, sustainable living, peak oil, climate change, population overshoot, alternative energy, and other related topics.

My own involvement with SUN is a continuation of my online friendship and connection with a number of courageous individuals from the blogosphere who write on the subjects I mentioned.

A few years ago now, soon after the economic near-collapse of 2008, I came to the web to search for the real truth about subjects that I felt were glossed over and avoided by major media outlets. I also began to read a variety of authors who were predicting imminent collapse of our modern world due to climate change and peak oil.

The truth is that the more I learned about the realities of our polluted and strip-mined planet, the more concerned I became about the very likely consequences that would soon impact me and my big family, as well as the rest of the humans on this Spaceship Earth. Indeed, the more educated I have become, the more concerned I have gotten.

I began, in small ways, to try to do things to increase my family’s resilience. I began to accumulate small stockpiles of food, water, and medical supplies. I began to experiment with food gardening in my suburban backyard.

At the same time, I was talking to like-minded folks who visited the same sites and read the same books I was reading, and getting valuable insights and suggestions, and making some acquaintances that would turn out to be more lasting than I might have thought.

I also became aware of the world-wide Transition movement , which influenced my thinking a great deal. That, along with the advice of many writers whom I respected, convinced me that in order to achieve any real, lasting, truly sustainable way of life, it would be necessary to form sustainable, local communities.

To make a very long story short, I eventually ended up in a dialog with several extremely well informed individuals who had already been trying to kick-start an intentional community. The SUN Project is the culmination of those discussions, brought into being by the hard work and dogged persistence of long-time collapse blogger Reverse Engineer (RE) and a small cadre of people who sincerely wanted to establish a community that could establish working systems and show the way to a better, more sustainable future.

It became apparent to all of us that most younger people lacked the funds to do things like buy land or expensive tools. They were already barely treading water financially, most of them, in a hostile economic climate that made them wage slaves to the existing extractive economic system.

The first task of the SUN Project is to raise funds to empower the people who want to show the way by building a working intentional community, based on permaculture principles. If we can do that, then the ongoing task of SUN will be to educate, raise awareness of the need for such communities, and to share the knowledge that we’ve gained.

I can’t think of a better cause to support, and I urge each of you who reads this message to join me and send whatever donation you can in support of SUN.

Although my own expertise is as a dental professional, I do write occasional pieces about small scale off-grid alternative power topics and about my own ongoing education in permaculture. I continue to apply the knowledge I’ve gained toward improving my own rural property in Central Texas, and building local, sustainable communities. More of my story can be found on the Doomstead Diner forum pages, where I usually post about my current projects under the heading of Doomsteading.

I’d love to hear from you, either by contacting me here or at the DoomsteadDiner.

Eddie G. Tennison DDS
Austin Texas

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