http://www.worldmapsonline.com/images/HS963.jpgFrom William Hunter Duncan

Minnesota SUN State Representative

When I moved into my house, as I like to say sometimes, 12 minutes before the market collapsed, I was spraying clover, to achieve the perfect lawn. Then I planted wildflowers on the boulevard, and in beds, and I grew a few vegetables in a reserved fashion.

Then a beautiful woman showed me a different way of gardening. I dug up most of the sod, planted vegetables, grape vines, fruit trees, and otherwise mostly let nature, or the Goddess or God, spirits etc, manage. I mostly keep the plants that would otherwise dominate, in check. I have a pond, and so bugs and birds and animals do much of my casting of seed and fertilizing for me (and keeping each other in check besides.) This year I brewed six gallons of sparkling Solstice Black Raspberry Brew, from the healthiest black raspberry patch in the state of Minnesota, which a bird sitting on my fence was kind enough to deposit for me. LOL. I grow strawberries for eating and for wine, and grapes; in a few years enough food and fruit and medicinals to keep me fed year-round, healthy, and drunk and high as much as seems appropriate 😉

I’m experimenting with fire, too, as most of the heating of houses in Minnesota these days, is produced by the worst of methods, natural gas fracking; or coal or nuclear, or wood fires by conventional methods adding to the particulate already in the air, from coal fires and everybody driving. I think rocket-stove designs are a potential answer, for heating a (small) house and water for bathing, washing. That and solar heating (less electricity). Elegant, but otherwise a radical lifestyle evolution, a true dismantling and reconstructing of the infrastructure, downsizing everything. I’m experimenting with my house and my garage. I’m growing greens in Dec with the temperature below 0, using little but scrap materials anyone might fashion together, using nothing but the sun to heat it, a little greenhouse attached to a (currently) unheated, uninsulated garage. Water storage is on the plan for the Spring.

But really, all this is practice for the SUN (Sustaining Universal Needs) project: Food production; low and high tech ingenuity; singing, dancing, sharing. Community building.




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