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our soil is mostly clay beneath the four inches of bermuda it takes a forceful stabbing action to get the shovel to stand upright on it's own

SUN South Carolina Affiliate Aaron left the Matrix to make a New Future for his Family

Only a few generations ago, most people knew how to live off the land. It was a hard life, so when the opportunity came they left it behind. Gradually, that knowledge and those skills have dwindled.

As we face a future of declining per-capita resources, such knowledge and skills appear more valuable. People are starting to want to learn. If they are lucky, they have a friend or relative who has a skill and is willing to teach it. Alternatively, they may be able to pick up a class here or there. This approach, while inexpensive, is haphazard, logistically difficult and leaves many gaps.

People have come up with good, comprehensive solutions, to teach you anything you need to know about how to live off the land. Unfortunately, most people have to save up, or take out credit, to pay for many of these programs.

We saw a need for a program comprehensive in scope, that could be tailored to fit any schedule, and could be done on a pay-as-you-go basis. While nothing beats the experience of learning in-person, with others, as long as the Internet is available, nothing beats it, for time-flexibility and keeping costs down. That is why the Perma-culture Education Network was created, to facilitate low-cost, high-speed training, how to live off the land.

-The PEN Team

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