Sea Gypsies

Ray_in_cabin_with_netbook_01From Ray Jason

World Ocean Sailors Global Representative

The Sea Gypsy Philosopher




My belief is that the human project could be facing catastrophic troubles in the near future. Most of the things that we take for granted will vaporize quite swiftly. Water won’t flow from the faucets, the lights won’t turn on, there will be no gas for the automobiles and smart phones will become dumb paperweights. But the demise of these creature comforts will be minor compared to the suffering and death that will become horrifically widespread.


But I choose to prepare myself for the worst scenarios so that I might survive and possibly even flourish afterwards. My corollary belief is that ocean-ready sailboats are the ideal survival platform for any of the many possible emergencies looming out there. There are already tens of thousands of such vessels currently roaming the Wide Waters. Within these fleets there are some sailors who are aware of the storm clouds approaching, and my mission is to inspire them to band together into small tribes of 5-12 boats in order to enhance their chances of survival. The material at this site provides an enormous amount of “why to” and “how to” information to help people in this quest. It has taken me years of thinking, researching and “living the sea gypsy life” to accumulate this knowledge, but I offer it as a free gift to whomever might be receptive.

And if no great unraveling occurs and we do continue to muddle along, I also believe that wandering the waters on a lovely sailing boat is arguably the best way to lead a free and meaningful life on this troubled planet of ours.

Welcome aboard!!!

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