Become a PEN Educator provides PEN courses?  Who are the Teachers?

YOU ARE!  Well, some of you anyhow.

If you have an area of expertiese you would like to share with others to learn from, you can do it on PEN.

You don’t need a Ph.D. or even a PDC to share knowledge you have gained through Experience and practical application of Sustainable Living methods.

This type of knowledge is not limited to just growing food either, perhaps you have knowledge of repurposing current materials for other applications.  Our affiliate from TX Eddie for instance is developing 12V Electric systems that can be put together for affordable prices.  Our High Seas Affiliate Ray has been living aboard his Sailboat for a quarter century.

Builders, Stone Knappers, Fishermen…all these abilities can be shared on PEN to help people transition off Industrial Culture.

Contact us here at SUN if you are interested in setting up Courseware in your area of expertiese.



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  1. marc moran /

    We own a 70 acre family farm and practice permaculture on a level that provides our own sustenance as well as a surplus. We are 100 off grid in terms of electric, water and heat, we maintain and produce maple syrup from a 30 acre stand of sugarbush, we raise pasture based beef cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry and we often host classes on self reliance/preparedness built around hands on sessions.

    I appreciate what you’re doing and if we can be of assistance to your NE readership, please let us know.

  2. Wendy McCarty /

    Wonderful! In what state are you located, Marc? Feel free to list any links to your classes as well. Maybe we can attend one sometime 🙂

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