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Delmarva SUN Peninsula Representative

As the Delmarva affiliate, I welcome you to our page.

I am a small scale organic farmer in Worcester County, MD,  who, through my farming, has become part of a loose network stretching across most of the lower Delmarva Peninsula that includes organic growers, farmers market managers, permaculture practitioners, larger scale conventional farmers, government employees, social workers, educators, students, and concerned citizens of all ages, all of whom are taking steps to live more sustainably in our bioregion. While most do not believe that sudden changes to our living arrangements are likely, more and more are starting to entertain the possibility of something happening that several years ago I concluded would happen: globalized human industrial civilization will begin disintegrating and eventually collapse.

While there are many “green” and “sustainability” groups, initiatives, movements, and non-profit and for-profit corporations, few openly acknowledge the possiblity or probability of a collapse of globalized human industrialized civilization. This is not so with the SUN iniative. Most of the world’s 7 billion+ humans rely on their basic needs being met by goods and services  provided by the institutions and infrastucture of globalized human industrialized civilization. It is my belief that as collapse unfolds in the near to mid-term future, more and more communities will lose access to these goods and services. It will be up to us as individuals and  small localized communities to provide basic necessities (food, water, healthcare, conviviality, etc.) for ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow community members. While I do not pretend to know how this collapse will unfold, I believe it is not too early to start learning and practicing what reality will eventually require us to do: live as part of a community where most goods and services are produced and consumed locally. This is one of the main goals of SUN.

For thousands of years, humans lived in sustainably in small communities on the Delmarva Peninsula. Even after European colonization and the introduction of the unsustainable practices of broadscale agriculture in the 17th century and industrial agriculture in the 20th century, peninsula residents and communities today still provide many of their own basic needs, as we are still mostly rural. Working with other SUN participants, we can build on this and help discover, develop, demonstrate, and document universal guidelines and practices for all human communities to thrive through and after the collapse of our unsustainable and doomed current way of life.

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