No man is a island. While a single person could use much of this knowledge on his or her own, a true perma-culture requires a community. No matter how sustainable an individual's lifestyle, alone his or her efforts will only last one lifetime. A group is required to have true permanence. Living In Gentle Harmony Together does not come naturally, however. While these skills may be a lot harder than building a raised bed, they are still just as practical and just as necessary.

A major part of building community is making sure that there is good communication personally within the community. There also is a need for communicating outside the community, so skills for communicating with others, both in person and in different media, will also be included. Courses that are more oriented towards marketing will be include in the Business of Permaculture, however.

Courses in this category will help give us the tools to build strong communities and have good relations between communities.

PEN Course Catalog: Community and Communication

Food is the center of many intentional communities, and shared meals can make the difference between a mere neighborhood and a true community.  One project that many communitarians feel is worth persuing is a food cooperative.  Buying food in bulk and dividing it up can save money and gets the group used to working together.

In its daily operations, the food co-op does need to be run like a business, so courses in the Business of Permaculture category are appropriate for that.  The process of starting up a co-op is decidedly different, being more of a group dynamic, as is the long-term planning, so those aspects will be covered here.