The basics of raising food are covered in the Permaculture category, and the minimal skills needed to live in the wild are covered in the Primitive Living/Survival category. Most people want to live in some sort of a home, however, and a lot of other skills are needed, or at least very useful, in maintaining a household. The courses in this category focus mainly on those skills which are used on a regular, especially daily, basis. Some examples of the kinds of courses to be found here:
  • Household management
  • Cooking and food processing
  • Spinning, weaving, and sewing
There is some overlap with the Herbs, Exercise, and Nutrition category, but those courses are more concerned with the effects on the people. Building Maintenance can also overlap with Homesteading; the distinction will be whether the maintenance skill depends on the type of building it is. For example, Broom Making would be useful in any kind of home, so it would be a Homesteading course, whereas Mortar Repair only makes sense for masonry homes so it would be Building Maintenance.